How To Delete “Other” Storage From Mac? Apple Community

That means if you could properly see into the detail of “Other,” you would spot Siri’s alternative voices, Keychain data, fonts, dictionaries, user logs and more. The way that you can quickly search for apps depends on Spotlight having indexed your phone, too. You typically only even notice that there is a thing in iOS called “Other” storage when you’re out of space. When your iPhone or iPad says you’ve no room to add an app or to store all your photos, it’s a fair bet that a lot of the storage is taken up with this Other.

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Soon, your Other documents can start to get out of hand. I did this a few years ago to change around my Desktop Folder.

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While deleting, remember that the Other label does not signify junk files. Some cache files make your system work faster, and ZIP archive files can contain important documents. If you want to clear your Mac cache manually, learn which cache files are worth saving and which can be deleted.

What is ‘Other’ on Mac storage?

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The workaround is to update files only by dropping them into Drive in a web browser. After declaring success, connect the external drive. Change the user’s Home directory location using Advanced Settings.